need help finding this chanel handbag

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  1. I want to get this for my daughter for christmas so it does not have to be authentic. I purchaced one from ebay and the seller I bought it from had a third party steal her account so now I am investigating it and trying to get my credit card refunded. Meanwhile my daughter still wants one for christmas so im on my search again to again purchace this bag and I dont dare buy from ebay again.:sad: The people on ebay selling them must be getting them somewhere cheap but where is the question. here is a picture of the bag i want but want to spend under $100 where she is only 15 yrs old.
    Thanks Sherie
  2.'re not going to get much help here in buying a fake, but it should be pretty easy on ebay. If you're unwilling to try that again, I don't really know.
  3. ohh sorry im new to the forum and I did not realize that. on ebay they said it is authentic but I know they are not for the price I paid 89.99. I just hope they refund my money back. I wont purchace from ebay again unless the dispute goes my way. Thanks any ways. Your purses are awsome!!
  4. The bloggers in the Chanel forum may be able to help you (authentics only). Some of them may be able to refer you to a reputable seller on ebay who may have the bag for less than retail. If your firm on your wanted to spend $100, you won't find anything in the Chanel catagory. I recommended a pre-owned Coach or Juicy Couture bag. There may be some for under $100.

    Oh, and what about an "inspired by" bag? Those are bags that resemble (insert X designer) but are not knock offs/fakes. They are much less expensive then the authentic bags but do have certain characteristics of the designer bags.
  5. we don't support the counterfeit {illegal} trade here!:yucky:
Thread Status:
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