Need help finding this bag? Jamie Lynn Sigler...

  1. I think it is a Calvin Klein. I have not been able to find out anything else about it like the actual name of it or where it can be purchased. Many thanks to anyone that can help!:heart:

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  2. that link isn't working for me... can you save the pic and then attach it?
  3. Sorry about that! I didn't know you could do it that way. How neat! Here it is again. :smile:
  4. I'd like to know too!
  5. [​IMG]

    Here's a bigger pic.

    It's a very cute bag!
  6. Yes please! Any info on this bag would be beyond appreciated. I am getting to the point where I would pay someone JUST to find this purse. Honestly, this is my dream bag!
  7. Is it woven leather?

    I'm thinking either Koi, Kooba or Bottega Veneta...

    I'm really not sure though :confused1:
  8. I think you might be right about it being Calvin Klein. I was shopping in Athens (Greece) this summer and went into a shop because I saw a white one of these in the window. They also had black. It was Calvin Klein. But no model name that I ever saw. However, it had a weird texture to it. I originally had thought it looked "scaley" because it was python or something similar. However, the python effect was 3 dimensional - like the leather was shredded. I didn't end up liking it once I got my hands on it. it had a very rough feel. Also, the price tag was 1500 euros, so my bank balance didn't like it either! :rolleyes:
  9. It is a Calvin Klein but I don't know the name. I saw this spread in In Style.
  10. don't know anything about the bag but DAMM she looks pretty in that picture. she's got some of my favorite color combinations (clothes, makeup, bag) going for her.
  11. So no one knows what this bag is? I'd really like to know as well...
  12. looks like bcbg maybe :confused1: pictures kinda small
  13. It is Calvin Klein. This picture is from the September In Style. However, there was no mention of style name/number etc. Many people have been searching for this on tpf but I don't think anyone has found the name yet. Good luck!
  14. Can you contact In Style magazine about the Calvin Klein bag?
  15. That is a really cute bag!!! Anyone got more information on it yet??