Need help finding these 2 bags

  1. I've been calling Chanel boutiques and all the department stores all day looking for these 2 bags with no luck. :crybaby:

    1) Medium deerskin bowler in the matte black
    2) Large cambon tote in pink/black

    Has anyone seen these 2 bags anywhere?? :sad: I know the pink one has been discontinued and I would purchase it off EBay but I don't even see one there. I want it to be brand new, never used. I tried on the black with black patent CCs and it's such a cute bag! I love the lightness of it and the size. Please, any help with either of these bags would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :flowers:
  2. I've seen the pink one in Houston NM Galleria. That was couple months ago. Call them and try.
  3. hi.. call my SA at Neiman Marcus her name is Barbara ..she has the tote in black her number is 248-635-1745