Need help finding the small Balenciaga convertible bag :(

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  1. :sad:Hello ladies,
    I need some help. I am searching for the small Balenciaga convertible bag (color black and olive suede). Picture attached; however of different color. If you see it somewhere or thinking of returning it (if you own it), please let me know.

    I am so sad and mad at the same time. I love this bag and finally found it on sale at Last Call at Neiman Marcus Las Vegas. I ordered it and paid for it and happily waiting for it to arrive. However, 2 wks went by and I still did not receive it. I contacted the SA and found out that she made a mistake and sent it to the wrong address. She somehow,instead of using my address, pulled up the address of another person by my same name on the store's computer. The SA informed me that Fed Ex had delivered my bag to this other address. Neiman contacted this other person (with name similar to mine) and this person said that she did not receive it. How convenient !! Fed Ex confirmed that it was delivered but since there was no signature confirmation, they cannot do anything. I was hoping that this person would be ethical and do the right thing. However, NOT. The worst part for me is that this convertible bag in color black and olive is no longer available at Neiman. It is completely gone due to the sale. I got my money back; however, it's been over 4 weeks and I could have enjoyed my bag by now.

    I just found out that Neiman is having consolidation sale at selected stores. So if you see it, please let me know. I have some credit at Barney's and Neiman's , so if you see this bag at those stores, it would be great. Thanks very much.
  2. I did see the bag on eBay a few weeks ago and if I remember correctly (I was watching it, contemplating it), it didn't sell. Maybe if you run a completed listings search to pull up the auction and seller, he may still have it available? I'm sorry this happened to you. NM is ridiculous sometimes. Good luck finding your bag!
  3. Thanks amie..,
    I Can't find the bag anymore on the completed eBay listing.
  4. i don't know how set you are on the smaller version because i saw the taller version of this bag yesterday at neiman's in san francisco...
    it was marked down to $600...
    they only had one left, they had the tan/rust one but a friend of mine bought it...