Need help finding the right pair of jeans!

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  1. Personally I think it's too hard to tell about jeans without trying them on first. What kind of jeans do you usually wear? Are you looking for skinny, or more of a straight leg?
  2. I like the Gloria jean, if the cardi is fitted I think it would look great with the wide leg
  3. I'm sort of pear shape.... I can't do skinnys, and flares are out, so here's what I'd pick, jeans with straight/boot leg:
    V jean

    and the Q jeans:
  4. The L jean and V jean look pretty good. I've heard that TS jeans are supposed to be great.....I'm too much of a label whore to wear them :shame:
  5. ^ actually I bought a TS jeans a couple of years ago - dark blue, and it was sold out in no time, all the fashionistas got it. honestly, the best jean yet, although I love my j brands. but the TS jean just never loses its shape, no stretching out, and holds in all the right places.

    I would have thought the Q is nice - I am not sure how much it flares though, I personally wear the j brand 14" which flares out only 1" but I am an hourglass, and I had all my bootcut/flares corrected to straight-leg ish. the colour is also great.
  6. ^^ How do you find J Brand? I've been looking at their jeans
  7. love j brand for the denim cause it is heavy denim, kwim? they do stretch out a bit, for especially around the waist as that was loose to begin with. I have two pairs of 14", one in low rise and one in the higher rise. also, i have two different sizes, and I think the smaller size would have been better for the other one as well.

    i guess what I like is the cut, cause they are skinny without making me look 'fat', and the simplicity, no fading, no funky pockets bla bla bla. so i am hooked and thinking to get more colours and possibly also the trouser versions etc. once I like a fit I love to get variety, kwim?
  8. I have fat calfs, like proper fat lol, so i look weird, but im gonna go try them on first :smile:
  9. lara, will check them out on my next NY trip in October....tooooo long!

    venetia, let us know how you get on