Need help finding the perfect shoe

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  1. About me real quick;

    Im 21, a guy, and looking for shoes for my girlfriend. I guess I could be considered just a bit metro since I love fashion, and am always giving my girlfriend fashion advice. My achille's heel is a women in heels (Particularly pumps... no pun intended :p).

    The problem shoe;

    While at school the other day, I saw a woman wearing.... the perfect shoes. I was too afraid of the awkwardness of me being a guy, asking a girl (who was with her boyfriend), what shoes she was wearing. The last 2 days I cant get them out of my mind and really want to get them for my lady.

    The best I can do is describe them, but there is one problem, I didnt see the front of the shoe, so I cant tell if it's open toe or closed toe.


    Patent Black leather (It was very shiny), With what seemed to be a decently high heel, i'd guess about 4" give or take. The heel itself wasn't quite a stilleto, but not exactly a thick pump heel either. Because of the patent leather I couldnt tell if it was a straight down heel or if it umbrella'd upwards. The heel itself was definately round(ed). It seemed from the angle I was at, to have an ankle strap, not tiny, but not huge. It was definately a platform heel, as the shoe itself was thick (Not a slim/thin pump). Also under the shoe (the bottom underside of the shoe) seemed to either be a dark brown, or a black, not positive.

    ive been searching the internet for two days now, and the closest I could come up with was possibly the "Prada Anklestrap", but the only shoe I could see wasn't black patent, and the heel didnt look quite right either. I know this might be vague, but Im a man on a mission and any help, would help.

    For what its worth, it looked too perfect to not be designer(ish), that's why I came here.

  2. Unfortunately I don't know, but you definately came to the right place for help. Good Luck! She's lucky to have you!
  3. Thanks, I like to think so! :p

    I know this almost seems too generic, but it's bugging me so bad! =(

    There cant be THAT many high end, black patent, thick platform pump/stilleto's out there, can there? =p

    Edit: Efusik, I couldnt help but notice your thing saying you live in San Francisco, where would be good places to go shoe shopping (for her). Besides the obvious Nordstroms, Saks, NM, etc. Any stores in the city or around it that you know of? I live in the east bay
  4. Update, I found another shoe that 'resembles' what Im looking for:

    Brian Atwood ; Baf6 (At )

    Except they're not it, but the overall idea seems to resemble what I saw. Take the atwoods, with what seemed to be a higher, thinner, rounded heel. Less beefyness on the ankle strap, and as for the front, I can't tell you.

    The only way to explain them, without offending any of you ladies here, are the atwood's except a bit more... 'frisky' ;p
  5. I am afraid there are! I think I spent a few minutes looking around and I found so many and kept wondering if you were looking for a true ankle-strap or a mary-jane style. Quite a bit of open-toe/closed toe/round-toe/pointed-toe options also out there. Honestly I would go up to the lady with the lovely shoes and ask her .. I am a little obsessive about footwear but I would really be enthralled with someone taking an interest in my shoes. Especially if they wanted to find the same for their SO. Post some example style pictures too that might help also.
  6. I love going to the shops on Union St. They have quite a few on that street. Ambiance is one of my favorite boutiques. Here's their site:

    While your there you can take her to get her eyebrows waxed (or any other area :graucho: )at Taybella. The owner, Felicia, does wonders. I love her! Here's that site: Tell Felicia that Rocky sent you!
  7. how about these ? are these the pradas you were referring to? (last one)
    Casadei.jpg KateSpade.jpg Lanvin.jpg Louboutin.jpg Prada.jpg
  8. ^ The last ones are killer!

    Which have now reminded me of the YSL Mary Jane's.
  9. Yes I was referring to an anklestrap (Not a maryjane). Those pradas look very much like they could be *It*. I am going to see if I could find out tomorrow. Thank you so much. If anyone has any other ideas / thoughts feel free to throw them out here :biggrin:.

    I think those shoes are all amazing (In the most un-gay way, of course :p).

    Edit:: Efusik: That's exactly why I think those could be the most perfect shoes... ever! :p

    Ledaatomica: Those prada's, what's the actual name of the shoe, do you know?

    Thanks everyone
  10. I dont know if they have a name. They are from the fall 06 collection and are referred to as the "Prada Pump" with description : black varnished leather ankle strap pump. Retail is approx $480
  11. Well I saw her again, but she was getting in her car and leaving, so I didnt get to ask. Not to be stereotypical, but upon observing her outfit today, and the car she was driving, Im almost wondering if these shoes weren't designer.

    Thanks everyone for your help. Any other thoughts on the shoe problem would be gladly accepted!
  12. Did you buy them for her yet?:graucho:
  13. Can see why you liked them :p
  14. :smile:... I just found out what they were about 3 hours ago. You ladies have no idea how much this has been bugging me for 2 weeks now LOL. I haven't bought them yet, she wants to try them on.... but I most definately will as an... investment :p.

    They are incredibly sexy (for only 100$ too, not bad pricing :p)