Need help finding the perfect pair of distressed designer jeans...

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  1. While at the mall last night, the SA at Nordstrom had on the cutest pair of bootcut jeans that were very distressed (frayed in several areas front and back). I couldn't catch the label because she had on a big, wide belt around her hips. They may have had rear flap pockets but I'm not sure. (Another SA had on Hudson's with rear flap pockets which I am now searching for). I meant to ask the brand but my mind switched subjects until it was too late.

    Do you have a favorite designer and style that is highly distressed and bootcut (or skinny will work)? I'm pretty sure that they weren't 7's, Citizens, Joe's.

    Thanks soooo much!:tender:
  2. Were they the True Religion Joey destroyed, maybe????
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