Need help finding the perfect foundation!!

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  1. I have been searching and searching for the perfect foundation. My problem: I have pale skin with golden undertones, so whenever I buy make-up, it's too dark when I get home. Plus, it usually looks way dark or pink in the sunlight!! :tdown: I usually go with powder foundations, but now I'm thinking I should stay away from them since they haven't been working out.

    Can anyone recommend a nice foundation (with a setting powder) that looks great indoors AND outdoors?

    Thanks!! I really appreciate the help as I've been frustrated with this!
  2. i had a heck of a time getting a match and you sound to be colored similar to me. i use shu nobara stick foundation. the only foundation i have actually have a match for. i use fyrinnae rice powder primer as a setting powder. i have also heard laura mercier setting powder is good.
  3. I also have pale skin with golden undertones. For the last ten years I have switched steadily from Bare Escentuals light and then highlighted with various blushes and bronzers to look more natural when going from indoors and out, and also I have used MAC NC20 with a BE faux tan or other BE blush. The most important thing I have found for my skin is to highlight and low light with bronzers and lighteners, and make sure the blending is done very well with a large buffing brush. I have used Shiseido pressed powder in light and Wei East translucent powders over my MAC as well and I love them both.
  4. Please post all make up threads here in the Make Up SF! Thanks!
  5. ^Sorry.

    Can you find any of those at Sephora? My skin isn't tan at all though, lol.

    Also, would anyone recommend something from Make Up Forever? I have a conceiler from that brand and it's pretty close to matching my color.