Need help finding the MJ Quilted wristlet

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  1. I was too late, and now elux is sold out at the sale price - it's the wristlet that has the flap opening, not the flat wristlet. Has anyone seen one on sale in black anywhere?

  2. Did you look in the MJ sale sightings? because I thought I saw it in all the postings I did yesterday.
  3. It was the flat one :crybaby:

    But thank you abbythebt!!!!
  4. Keep trying eLux because I purchased the black wristlet one by mistake (wanted white) and sent it back with the Fedex driver last Friday. It should be back up in the sale section soon. Good luck!
  5. I just seen a black one yesturday at Nordies Topanga(CA). I don't know what the price was but give them a call it could be on presale.
  6. Oh my gosh - thank you ladies!!
  7. Any luck on finding that wristlet??
  8. No, not yet - I called the CA store but what they kept describing didn't sound like it, they kept describing the wristlet with the chain, which is the flat one...aghhhh!

    I called elux and asked if I could waitlist in case one was returned but they have no way of doing that...
  9. Keep checking eLux, I imagine it will be back up on there soon.
  10. and very soon, my return was processed today. Also I read on another thread that someone had eLux put in a personal shopper request for her to be notified if an item comes back into stock from a return. I would definitely call them again and request this.
  11. Sometimes they are either to lazy to look or to embarrased to say they don't know what something is:yes:. I was just there yesturday and the wristlet was still there. I'm going back over the weekend, if It's still there and it's on sale I will place it on hold and pm you:okay:.
  12. omy gosh Ali that would be so nice of you!! Thank you!
  13. I really want the non-quilted version in a "color" (no black, brown, white).

    Please let me know if anyone sees one on sale!
  14. Wow didnt realize they came in non quilted or colors! I thought they only came in black, white, camel and silver - what other colors are there???
  15. No problem;)!