Need help finding that perfect hobo. . . .!

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  1. I'm new to the bag world (unfortunately, the bug came on suddenly and hit with a vengenance . . . .!) and have been on a quest to find a great black hobo bag.

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    A black bag that's not too big (I naturally gravitate toward large bags but am only 5'0);
    Slouchy look;
    No logos or garish hardware;
    Braided handles would be ideal, but aren't a deal-breaker;
    A nice drop (at least 10");
    Not more than $250.

    Any and all suggestions will be much appreciated. :yahoo:
  2. Boy, you're good! I love the Leather Hobo Twist Bag that's in one of the pictures you sent me! Thank you. :smile:
  3. how about foley and corinna? or Marc by marc jacobs?
    they tend to be a little bit more but theres amazing sales at every department store!
  4. I suggest a Bottega Veneta (old) ball bag or the Veneta (medium or large) because they have everything you're looking for.
  5. Thanks, Candica & Tanja.

    The Bottega Venetas are gorgeous bags; out of my price range at the moment but definitely something to aspire to. :smile: I've never heard of the other bags but will look into them first thing tomorrow.
  6. Cole Haan hobo?
  7. Oooooooh! You gotta check out the Tano subforum. I'll bet you are a great candidate for a French Nanny bag or a Boogie Bucket......slouchy....not heavy....and a great price the $200 range, but you can get it for a lot less on sale. Check us out over there!
  8. you should look for a coach ergo hobo! i have one of the old vintage style ones. i've had mine for 5 years and it looks great even with everyday use. you can look for them on ebay. they're pretty reasonable $100-200 range.

  9. Tano and Coach Ergo here I come!

    Thanks, guys. :smile:
  10. I totally second the Tano bags... my suggestion would be to look at the minilisa, french nanny, boogie, and anything else on lol!