Need help finding something!

  1. I recently saw some star (can't remember which) with a new baby in People or US (can't remember that either!) Anyway, the baby was in an adorable baby carrier with a large crystal crown on it. It also comes with skull and bones. I meant to rip out the page because I wanted to purchase it for my girlfriend. The mags are gone and I can't find these carriers anywhere on the net. Anyone have any clue who the designer is:confused1:
  2. Ahhhh, sorry - have no clue! I'm looking around all of the celeb-baby sites that I know of now looking for it!
  3. Thank you for your time:tender:and congratulations on your new baby! This was very recent (within the month) so I don't understand why I am having such a difficult time finding it.
  4. was it Tori Spelling? For some reason I think it was her, I remember seeing it.
  5. sounds cute, wish i could help but i haven't seen it
  6. torisilver.jpg Yeah!:yahoo:Swanky Mama of Three!!!!!!you did it! did a google search with your suggestion and found it!!!!Thank you sooooo much. Isn't it cute! Love this forum!
  7. That is one adorable carrier- hope you find it!
  8. Oohhhhh, I'm surfing the site now. This could be dangerous!