Need help finding something I found on ebay

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    I was watching this on eBay but forgot to bid (and kinda a good thing I didnt want to spend alot of time cleaning it lol). I have been looking for days on eBay trying to decide what kind of wristlet that I want. I have been using one as a wallet but didnt want to mess is up by throwing it in my garbage can, I mean purse :p.

    I really like the fact that it has the dividers on the inside for cards and it has a zipper pocket of an easy place to throw change in. And an extra pocket for more crap on the outside! lol. I dont really care what color it just the style.

    Can I get some help with the real name or style or link to one?

    Thanks so much!
  2. NO one? :sad: After multiple searches I am thinking I shoulda bought the dirty thing. So sad off to search some more.
  3. The poor thing looked kinda sad! :oh: You know eBay, another will come along soon. :yes: Keep searching for Coach (pocket?) wristlet or maybe even cosmetic bag or pouch. Heck, the hunt is half the fun! ;)
  4. Thanks so much! I will defintaly keep hunting and believe me I have searched under pretty much anything that some would call it. Hope I will find a nice CLEAN one lol.
  5. Yay! Just found 2! Now to decide black and white or tan and off white?