Need help finding Saffiano + Tessuto tote

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  1. I've been looking everywhere for this bag, but I can only find the black or the brown, but I'm dying for the burgundy. I've called the Saks store in New York, BH, and San Diego, as well as Nordstrom in Washington with no success. Does anybody know where I can find this bag? Any help would be much appreciated!

    The SAs at Saks are completely been disappointingly unhelpful in locating this bag. Whatever they see in their system as 'available', when I call the store, they don't have it. Very frustrating and especially for the money this bag costs!
  2. Have your tried NM? Might have better luck there, they have a better locating system.
  3. what bag are you looking for?
  4. Just a tip, a store's physical inventory and the online inventory are generally not the same. They usually have different warehouses and are not related to one another. Hopefully that will help cut down on the frustration level of your search.

    Good Luck! I hope you find it!
  5. Do you mean this one?:graucho:
    BL0620 from

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  6. I called NM, they told me they could not tell which stores might have the bag, and instead pretty much told me to start calling stores near me instead, which is a complete crap shoot. The SAs at Saks, also were not much help and whatever stores I have called about their physical inventory, said they were sold out of it.

    Yes, that's the bag! It does seem to be sold out everywhere. I may have to just go for the black at this point. Thanks!
  7. I bought my black on last month and it was the last one that they had in Hong Kong, so I am not sure if it is the same case as in the States, but the black is also running out the doors really quickly too!
  8. Yeah! I have been looking everywhere for this bag as well. =(

    It appears they don't have the bag in Paris also ..
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  10. I am a bit late to this - but did anyone get this bag in either colourway? I am in the UK and would loooooove to get one!
  11. Yes! Thanks for this link...- had seen this and there is still a black in the UK but I really wanted the wine colour....I wonder if Prada will be making more....I may have to settle for the black but would much prefer the wine colour. Many thanks though for this info xx
  12. I got one! In black not wine as they seem rarer than hens teeth but i am sooooo in love with it! :yahoo:
  13. So glad you got one! Any pics?
  14. Sorry I'm a bit late to this....I got one in the wine colour about 6 months ago in Cruise Glasgow.
    They still had one in wine about 2 months ago, might be worth a phone call to see if it's still available.
    Keep searching it will be worth the effort....I adore mine! x