Need help finding ribbon lace up espadrilles

  1. I can't find the right pair! I've tried on about 15 pairs in teh last 3 days. . . at boutiques, dept stores, etc . . .
    now I'm forced to look online.

    I need black ribbon lace up wedge espadrilles. Anyone seen them?

    Here's a pair in the style I like, but want to see a few more before I order. Also the lower price makes we wonder how comfy they are{?}
  2. Coach has a nice pair you can find at NM, Saks and Nordstroms - black with the optic pattern and ribbon lace ups - they are quite comfortable too.
  3. how about a pair of Louboutins?:king:there are very cute ones...:love:
  4. louboutins are my fav lace up espadrilles of the moment!
  5. I don't want to spend that. . . but even so I can't find any in stock! LOL!
  6. I can't find these anywhere online but Juicy Couture makes a lovely one called "Sausalito." It's $250 and according to ShopEtc. is available at Saks & Barneys.

    I'll try to take a pic of the magazine later.
  7. Unfortunately, these don't come in black but they're adorable and reasonably priced (Banana Republic website):
  8. Swanky, here are the Juicy Couture Sausalito wedges in black:



    Juicy Couture "Sausalito" in black - $250
    (sizes 6-10) From Juicy's debut shoe collection: jute wedges shot through with glam threads of silver. Also in four other colors; Saks, 212-753-4000, or Barney's, 888-822-7639
  9. These Seychelles "Ribbon in the Sky" Wedges are only $65 (select Nordstrom or Silverlake Shoes, CA). Let me know if you need the full description for them. Sorry the pictures are so blurry (and big--I really need to learn how to resize! :Push:smile:


  10. I almost bought those on Sat!! Maybe I will, I tried them on and for $65 they're surprisingly comfy!
    Thank you, you're SO sweet!
  11. tip for anyone interested. . . they ran a tad big, so I went down in them 1/2 a size and they were SO comfy and easy to wear!
    I may Google "Seychelles" and see how good a price I can find.
  12. Hey Swanky, I have the Seychelle espadrilles in yellow and they ARE comfy!
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