Need help finding out which bag this SKU is for

  1. Okay, I'm having a bit of a problem with my local Macy's and the portatelefono that I bought there today (go here to read what happened), and I'm trying to find out if my porta was mistagged. I looked at the SKU list, and didn't see this one there, so I'm trying to find out if this is the right SKU for a L'Amore porta, or if its for something completely different. Macy's was claiming that the porta was originally $108, if that helps. The SKU is 8 43333 02062 4.
  2. I think they use random SKU numbers for their lost tag bags. I bought a spiaggia without a lesportsac tag and it had one of those white tickets. i check the SKU and it was pretty similar to yours. It was 843333019628, which i can't find anywhere.
  3. But that makes no sense because the SKU is used in the store as a way to look up that style/item... Macy's is really starting to annoy me now, I swear this porta is the last thing that I'm ever purchasing in mine.
  4. My bad, it was 8 43333 01976 5. I still think it's more of a UPC though. Oddity.

    Bambinos retail for 108.
  5. The tag that was with my porta is the replacement tag that they put on bags when the normal one is torn off, so I'm pretty sure that its the SKU, and another member told me that it is.
  6. I still think it's a UPC. Same sort of idea, but with a barcode: A SKU is done by stores, so the Macy's in NY might have a different SKU, and an entirely different tag.

    I worked in retail, sadly. I should not still remember these things!
  7. Oooh, okay! I didn't know that Macy's used something different. So yeah, I am trying to find what this UPC belongs to, lol.

    Yeah, that's what I'm trying to figure out, because I was telling the SA that it supposed to be $84 and she was brushing me off! I may post this in the LJ comm when I'm not falling asleep here (and I'm supposed to be studying).
  8. Well stores will have their own SKUs for inventory, depending on when it's received and added to the system. So it's always best to go by UPC because it's universal.
  9. If you bought it at the Staten Island Macy's, you may want to do a price adjustment (or a return/repurchase) at the Herald Square store... they have a TD LSS specialist on the main floor who would know all the proper pricing on all the items. The carry a pretty full line of TD LSS items, including the Portotelephono (they should have some on display) but bring a print out from the LSS website along with your receipt just in case. Also, try to speak to a manager if they can't help.