Need Help Finding Michael Kors Overnighter/Astor?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find the Astor/Overnighter? I just bought the large satchel in Astor and found out by one of the posters here that it comes in the extra large size or the overnighter? I would love to buy that bag but can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet?

    Any suggestions?
  2. I have not heard of an extra large Astor, but they have a shoulder bag:

    ans Astor tote:

  3. Oh, the first pic is from ebags and the 2nd pic is from eluxury.
  4. The overnighter does exist but is hard to find now. I believe it was discontinued about a year and a half ago. However, it may still be available from Michael Kors' Neiman portal here

    fyi I think it only came in the black and the luggage. it is a shoulder bag and is about 17.5" x 12" I think. I have tried to attach the picture that was on the Nordstrom website when they used to carry it. (I actually bought mine from Nordstrom).

    oh and they also made the astor in a third size that was very little. Haven't seen that one in person though.

    Another place to try is calling the mk outlets because they will ship.
    they are good durable smart looking bags. I have put some of mine through tough treatment and they come out looking great.
    good luck!
    mk large overnighter big picture.jpg
  5. I thoguth MK brought it back in the spring.

    check the MK website or try calling up their customer service. I think I even saw one in a MK store in Roosevelt Fields mall over the weekend in black
  6. Thanks ladies for the great suggestions,

    Heh, if anyone has the weekender, would you mind posting a picture of wearing? I would love to see how that bag looks on. Is it too big for an everyday handbag?
  7. I have a question for everyone,

    While I was at the outlet, I noticed all the pretty Michael Kors matching wallets in the red patent. What do you think?

    Part of me thinks it would be cute to get the matching wallet, but, then, I"m thinking that maybe it would look too matchy matchy....

    Plus, the price of the wallet is almost the same price of the satchel.

    Also, I just bought a new Coach wallet (but that wouldn't look right on this handbag especially because it's in the signature line) and then I have on my wishlist a Louis wallet for my BH and now if I get this one, I"m just thinking too many wallets to keep changing around. I"m confusing myself.

    What do you guys think? Red patent matching wallet for the Astor or a cute neutral color and if so , what color, black?
  8. i actually break out my MK overnighter sometimes... I absolutely LOVe that I can shove everything and anything into it and not have a problem with space!
  9. Hi luna, glad to know you are still enjoying yours!

    I use it only when I have day shopping trips. Much easier to cramm stuff in and avoid answering questions from my hubby especially when making cash purchases! I got them on ebay for USD 370 but it was brand new in the original Nordstrom plastic.

    I LOVE IT! I also own the large astor in lugggage too and both are great bags.I think it is worth checking it on ebay. I saw it too on Michael Kors website this spring and the price remains the same as before.

    Hope you find one with the price you want. Good luck!