need help finding metalic gold wristlet on

  1. I'm looking for the metalic gold/platinum wristlet that is on under the accessories page.
    It's actually shown at the top of the page across from the model along with 2 wallets shown..the wristlet is shown underneath the gold wallet.....
    it is a flap wristlet and looks like it could be legacy, also has a turn lock
    it's beautiful and even JAX couldn't help me with it.
    can anyone give me any info on this???
  2. Hi, I think you accidentally posted this in the Chanel subforum. :yes:
  3. It does look like it's exactly the same as the legacy leather wristlets. Maybe they haven't released/posted it yet? That is strange though...
  4. I Have seen this before in the stores only in punch/orange. One of the SA,s
    showed it to me because I was look at pink stuff and she showed it to me.She said it was a jewlery pouch but can be worn as a wrislet it had two pouches in it. I looked for it on line after seeing your post and it is under personal accessories and it also comes in the color you are talking about brass/bronze/Gold. The style# is 60208 I wouldnt have known by the picture though. I knew I had seen this before when I saw the accessory page you were talking about it is really cute and it does have pouches so you could use it as a wallet.I hope this helps!