Need help finding LV Epi Speedy Myrtille 30...

  1. I called the store I've dealt with in the past and was told no, none, it hasn't been seen in a few years...:crybaby: , so I called the 1 866 number and was told that LV never made the Epi Speedy in Myrtille in a 30 size. :confused1: Have I lost I my mind?. I swear I've seen a few of them around and on ebay in the past few years...Does anybody on tpb have one? Am I dreaming???

    Does anybody know if this is true?

  2. omg i am looking for the same thing! was thinking of just buying the toledo blue one but i would LOVE a myrtille.
  3. Yes a lot of blue epi has been popping on ebay these days. The 25 is a good size. You´ll find it somewhere.
  4. I'm looking for a 30 in the dark blue and what I don't get is that 1866vuitton says they don't offer it and that it hasn't ever been made. I am sure i've seen it before. I think the toledo blue is beautiful, but I'm much more into the darker color myself.

    Anybody else????
  5. Sorry I was lazy earlier...had the answer right under my nose...

    Looked in my most recent catalog and sure nuff, the myrtille was never offered by LV in the 30 size...only the 25 speedy and 45 keepall size...

    For those that own you think that there is huge difference in the size??? the 25 and 30 that is...
  6. Hello~ I put a thread below this w/ what I thought was myrtille speedy...but I guess it is toledo...see "was someone looking 4 myrtille speedy" ~ Ghost
  7. I only have 25 in epi but I know for sure that speedy epi 25's size is the size between mono/damier speedy 25 and 30.


    mono 25, epi 25, damier 30