Need help finding Lacroix jewelry

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  1. I just noticed this:
    on the closet therapy blog and fell in love with it, but sadly i am too late and its unavailable at elux so I beg someone to find it, or at least something like it. thanks a million if you can :yes:
  2. I didnt even know that Lacroix did such pieces anymore. I have a pair of vintage Lacroix earrings from the late-1980s, they are prized possessions of mine.

    If I see it I will let you know :yes:
  3. ^The OP posted in 2006.

  4. :lolots:

    I don't even know how that happened I was doing a search on 'Georg Jensen' :girlwhack:

    Hopefully OP found her Lacroix by now
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.