Need Help Finding Juicy Binder!

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  1. My friend wants to get her daughter the 3 ring binder by juicy couture. I cant seem to find one other than ebay. Anyone know of any place.:confused1:
  2. Wow! I've never seen that before. Do you have a picture of it? I'll be more aware if I see one around to let you know.
  3. OMG! I just got one for Taylor!
    Saks carries them in BALA ,PA....In the womans juicy dept....1-610-667-1550
    PS-Also Nordies online too

    AND I got Taylor the BACKPACK at the K of P JUICY store on SAT...hehe(ONLY 225...OUCH!)
  4. comes in blue and Pink..Pink is cuter than blue one IRL
  5. Thanks Jill, Just called the saks # u gave and they are totally sold out:crybaby:I appreciate everyones help but still no luck. If anyone sees it around please let me know. Must be a hot item now.
  6. Oooh sorry.

    If I go to the new JC store and they have one, i'll post back!
  7. Thanks designerdiva appreciate your help!
  8. I agree with the pink being cuter than blue, but the pink will be dirty in the first month of school (atleast with my dd), so we went with blue! :tup:
  9. I bought black!
  10. Yea, there is a JC store here in charlotte also I don't have the # right now but I will get it for you so you can check here as well.
  11. There is a BRAND new JUST OPENED JUICY store at King of Prussia MALL in PA..Try them..they are so new they may have them....
  12. They dont have it either:tdown:
  13. Call the SAKS and have them put it on locator..thay are still showing some in stock...
  14. Call the Juicy store on 5th avenue in NYC. Good luck...