Need help finding jeans!

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  1. Hi ladies ... I need some help! Ever since I was a kid I remember my mom dragging me from store to store trying to find jeans that would fit me. This has continued my entire life. A few years ago I thought I discovered the solution- designer jeans- and I've been wearing Sevens, Citizens and a few others ever since. But the same thing is now happening! Here it is ...

    I find jeans that fit around the waist (used to be a 27, but now I'm trying 26's and even own a pair of 25's). But the thighs HANG off of me. I have a small butt, but it's the thighs that are more of the problem. And my thighs don't seem abnormal to me so I don't know what the problem is! Today I was trying on jeans at Bloomingdales and I heard a sales associate telling somebody else "make sure you find jeans that button comfortably and are tight in the thigh, because they will stretch". The stretching is definitely true, because after a few wears, my jeans which already started too big in the thighs, are bunching all the way down the back to my knees. Even when I wash them, though, they are too big!

    Today I bought my first pair of Paige, size 26. They are more form fitting, but I can see a few bunches in the back already.

    Does anybody else have this problem???? I can't buy the jeans any smaller because then they won't button! If anyone else knows of some different fits or brands please let me know! It's been 24 years ... I'm desperate! Thanks!
  2. I'd try True Religion Joey in rigid (100% cotton). They tend to be smaller on the waist but bigger on the thighs.
  3. Thanks so much for trying to help. :yes: Maybe I didn't explain myself too well ... the problem is the jeans are too big for my thighs. So I would need jeans that are smaller in the thighs, not bigger. Anyone have any suggestions???
  4. I love Joe Jeans they fit me perfectly. Happy hunting!!!