Need help finding diamond for ering

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  1. Hello all,

    My bf and I are ring shopping and I am having a hard time finding a great quality diamond that won't break the bank. Our budget is $15k, but we are flexible. Can I please get some assistance in sourcing a diamond? I am aiming for a 1.7 to 2.0 ct diamond, vs1-vs2, color H or better (really just want something as white/clear to the eye as possible).

    i'm including some I found. Please let me know if these are great quality and are worth the money.
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    I would drop the color down. I have a J from Whiteflash that looks so so white to me. From the side, from the top....everywhere! Look at the I and J's is my advice! Save some money or go bigger with the savings! View attachment 4369447

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  3. You have a nice budget. Go see Yekutiel at IDJ in NYC. If you don't live there don't worry, he does major business on Internet. He can source diamonds for you and make you happy and stay within budget. I have purchased many diamonds from him. Rings, pendants and he found my round and my cushion dismond.
    He and his family are honest and wonderful to deal with.
  4. Gorgeous ring!
  5. Thank you for the recommendation !