Need help finding date code

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  1. I have a Mens Monogram Billfold Wallet and can't seem to find the date code. Does this wallet have a date code? If so, where would it be? Thanks
  2. Try to look near bills area along the seam..
  3. Should have one:yes: Sorry I don't know exactly where but try close to the seams inside the pockets,get a torch ready:graucho: . My DH has the wallet with coin pocket and it was in the 'side pocket' ,if I remembered it correctly:weird: . Good luck finding it!:flowers:
  4. I'm still looking and can't find it :crybaby:
  5. try inside CC slots...or in between CC slots. When you unfold it, it has compartment in between the CC slots. Look along the seams
  6. Try and look inside the vertical pockets. The date code will run parallel with the seam and very close to it.
  7. it's from Ebay auction..
    lkmwa7.jpg lkmwa4.jpg
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Thanks for the pic jm311. I'm still looking and can't find it. When did you get yours? I got mine from eluxury in Dec. Do you think they change the location every once in awhile?
  10. Welcome. ;)

    I got mine from eLux in November of 2005... it took me a while to find mine.. I just had to open the little flap more...
  11. I found it!!! I started to think I got a fake Its CT0075. Thanks so much for your help jm, I found it right where yours is. I can't believe I didn't see it the first couple times I checked.
  12. Glad you found it :biggrin:
  13. I was getting scared thinking I got a fake A :flowers: to everyone who helped me...thank you
  14. I'm glad you found it. :biggrin: