Need help finding credit card holder wallet

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a stocking stuffer type gift for my sister. She carries her credit cards separately (due to the fact she's been pick pocketed twice in the city). She currently has a coach one which is falling apart. Coach has told me I can only find them in their outlet stores now (which is too far for me to get to now).

    Is there any other brands that make something like this that I can order online? Think of an accordian style wallet literally the size of a credit card that opens up with slots. That's how her coach one looks anyway. Thanks for your help!
  2. [​IMG]

    Chanel makes fantastic ones! I bought mine for $230, it's from the camellia ligne. It comes in different colors too. Chanel makes a variety of different styles and colors of card holders. :yes:

    You can't order online, but you can definitely call any boutique or department store that carries Chanel and do a charge send.
  3. This is by Hobo International. I've seen it in Bloomingdales IRL and it is so functional except that there is no special spot for loose change. The credit card slots you see are on both sides with a zip compartment (you can see the zipper pull) for money. The slot you can see through is only on one side and on the other side is all regular slots. Here it is:

    I was SO tempted to purchase one but I just bought a new wallet so I couldn't justify it! Good luck.
  4. jcrew makes one thats a lot cheaper than these alternatives if your interested.
  5. Here's a $60 Kate Spade one at
  6. I have this metal one that holds 3-4 but it depends how many cards she has. A lot of my friends have the ones from jcrew that are below.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  7. My mom has one of those. She got them from Wilsons Leather.
  8. I have this Prada credit card holder and I love it:


    It's great quality, not super expensive. It is also great for a business card holder.

    I don't know anything about styledrops or whether what they sell is authentic -- I posted that mostly for the picture, but if someone can confirm that they sell authentic stuff you could buy from there.

    But what I would probably do to be safe is look for this style at the Prada stores and have them charge send. I know the Prada store in SF still had these very recently. They were around $200 I believe.