Need help finding Cambon Tote

  1. I placed an order for a large black and white Cambon Tote at Saks last week and the SA just called today to say that they are all gone! :sad2: She called around and supposedly there are none to be had anywhere! I'm so disappointed!! I thought I'd put the word out...if anyone has seen one recently, would you please let me know?
  2. Interesting. I'm not in the market for a large tote but I was looking for a cambon pochette. Did she happen to mention if there were any of those around?
  3. Have you tried calling a Chanel boutique. I had mine shipped from the boutique in Hawaii.
  4. Sorry! We didn't discuss the pochette! She did say that the tote was their top seller.
  5. Yes, I called several and they are all sold out for now. BUT, the boutique in Chicago has some on order and will call me when they are in! :biggrin: Thank goodness! I thought I'd missed the boat on that lovely tote!
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