Need help finding bridesmaids dress!

  1. A friend of mine is having a beach wedding and is looking for orange/teal maxi dresses for her 2 bridesmaids but we havnt been able to find anything! Her bridesmaids dont want to spend more than $100 for their dresses either since the destination wedding is already pricey for them.

    Any help would be VERY much appreciated. :smile:
  2. Last year someone mentioned J. Crew having bridesmaids dresses and I remember them being super cute. You can search by color or style. I just checked and there are only a few options less than $100. I also saw some really cute maxidresses and short bridesmaid dresses on Ann Taylor's website.

    Is she looking for a casual maxidress since it is a beach wedding rather than a traditional bridesmaid dress?

    David's Bridal has a lot of orange long dresses < $100. I wasn't as successful finding teal, but I'm sure if you called them or went into one, they could show you what is available in teal. Not sure how much time they have to work with...
  3. Thank you for both of your suggestions but neither of those sites have orange/teal dresses. I suggested she purchase a teal dress and dress it up with orange accessories such as a ribbon or flowers but she doesnt want that. This search seems impossible! lol

    Yes, I believe she is looking for more of a casual maxi dress since it is a beach wedding.
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    Oh gosh, I thought you meant orange OR teal, not orange AND teal. That does complicate things...

    Would this possibly work? It does seem to be very casual to me due to the stripes, but it could be dressed up.

    Or this one comes close to the colors required as well as the price but it is out of stock right now.
  5. Ooooh I like the second one a lot.. they are both cute! Maybe they will work, I will pass them onto her. :smile:
  6. I'm totally looking for a bridesmaid dress, too (except in light green). If you're into vintage/retro fashion, I've fallen hard for an am stalking it practically everyday to see if they get any dresses in that fits my criteria. Most of the dressed are around $40s-80s, some >$100, but really cute stuff IMHO.

    Have you tried normal stores like Ann Taylor, Zara, etc? Zara has this floaty asymentrical hem dress in a nice peach that's included in the semi-annual sale that started 6/28. It's probably sold out online, but I saw 2 Mediums in my local store tonight. Good luck!