Need help finding Blackberry cover/case

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  1. So I've joined the ranks of "Crackberry Nation" (not my's bad enough my work people have my cell number!!!). I refuse to wear the thing clipped to my waistband, but hate the idea of just throwing it loose into my bag. Has anyone seen or heard of any non-tacky covers/cases for these evil tools of the technocracy?
  2. I unfortunately use the "tacky" plastic clip thing that it comes with. I haven't really seen any covers for it (then again, I haven't really been looking around for one). I usually toss it in an internal pocket somewhere in my purse so that it doesn't get scratched. Let me know if you find anything.
  3. oh.. btw it's under products - smart phones cases

    i really hope that they will come out with a nokia communicator case
  4. I was at my local Burberry store today and saw some swanky black nova embossed leather ones on the sale table!