Need help finding band to match engagement ring

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  1. I went weddingband shopping yesterday.
    It's so hard to decide. We've been engaged for almost a year and I feel nothing suits my engagement ring.
    Do you like this band?
  2. I love your ring, looks gorgeous. Have you considered a share prong diamond band rather than a channel set? This may balance out all the white gold/platinum band of your e-ring, just a friendly thought :smile:

  3. I tried that too, but I had the feeling the weddingband scratched my E-ring. It didn't feel comfortable to wear.

  4. I absolutely love your ring, but I feel the wedding band is a bit too wide and doesn't looked balanced.

    I'd look for a thinner band!
  5. I actually really like that, and I'm not usually into channel set rings. However I will suggest that if you don't feel like anything is quite right, you don't actually have to have a wedding band. I know people with only one engagement ring/wedding band. Might not be what you want but is always an option.
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  6. Crystalina and LucilleBall, thank you for the input.
    I'll keep searching for a weddingband and if I don't find one that matches I'll just wear the band on my right hand

  7. I like it. I think it's a nice compliment to your ER.
  8. I like it!!