Need HELP finding an H-shawl...

  1. As usual, I waited too long, and now it seems as if the only two in the U.S. have gone missing....:cursing:

    I am looking for the large Jungle Love cashmere/silk shawl in the light beige pattern (fairly monochromatic) that used to be on If anyone spots one in their local store, please give me a holler!

  2. try houston 713-623-2177. i'll call them first thing tomorrow too........

    good luck!
  3. Yeesh, orchids, I know that feeling... I wait and take my time deciding.. only to find out (when I've finally made up my mind to get it) that it's GONE! It happens to me a lot, lol! Very frustrating...

    Hope you find one soon!!!
  4. Thanks P and Sue; I thought for sure the stash would be plentiful and was stunned when I was told the two stores showing inventory wound up not being able to find them. My SA will be doing a global search, but that can supposedly take weeks for a response.
  5. T.....did you try the 800#?
  6. D, I had not tried that...will do that in the morning. I had L do the search for me within their system since she's great at tracking things down for me, and she said the only two stores that showed they had them couldn't find them when she called. :crybaby:
  7. I hope you found it. If not, I saw the Jungle Love (cashmere/silk scarf/shawl) at the SCP store today. I don't know if it is the color you are looking for, however. GOOD LUCK.