need help finding AMORE ZUCCA & DENARO from MACYS..

  1. if anyone see an amore zucca & denaro at a macys, please pm me or post ASAP!! please, please, please. It must be at a macys though cuz I have a 20% off coupon (from my upgrade to a platinum card) that expires the end of this month. Also doesn't matter which location as I get free shipping (another benefit of the platinum card).
  2. I don't know which macy's there's a l'amore zucca and denaro, but I have that same 20% coupon that I need to use. hehe. I want a l'amore bella, but haven't seen one.
  3. Macy's in Park Meadows Mall in Denver had two Bellas as of about 5 pm last Friday.

  4. my macys has about 2 or 3 bellas as of an hour ago (5:30pm pacific). 661-287-5911
    they are open for about another 2.5 hours.
  5. new to this forum and i'm not sure if this is of any help, but has finally put on their site amore zuccas. yeah!!!!! i just placed my order :yes:
  6. Thank you for the info hoot! boy i wish i had a 20% coupon !! Luckyyyy
  7. sigh... too late. I already bought a Campeggio, BV and Gioco. I'd have rather had a Zucca in place of any of those but had given up ever finding one for less than $30 over retail.
  8. ahhh the coupons don't work online! Shoot!
  9. oh darn! that's dumb that the coupon doesn't work there! n wow amore zucca online ehhh?!!
  10. i just posted on another thread that if you register online, they send you a welcome email with a promo code for free shipping....that's what they did for me anyway. i know it sucks not being able to use the coupon (i had one too) but i was happy just to get free shipping and plus i'm getting my ulitmate bag! i'm crossing my fingers that print placement is good and that there's no faded hearts anywhere.
  11. MY promo code was for 20% off not free shipping.... but only online and only valid once.
  12. well, I have yet to see a denaro of any style in macys. at Nordstroms, yes, but I dunnos if macys carries the denaros.
  13. yeah I haven't seen a denaro at all at macys except for a playground denaro marked as a pirata dolce :confused1: which they have sitting in the back w/o a price because I asked about it :sad: and no one has looked into it
  14. I haven't heard of Macy's selling denaros, but I know Nordstroms has them. I chargesent for a second one because they had the ciaociao and adios on it, so I'm going to sell off my first one.
  15. yeah I was hoping macys would carry them cuz bloomies carrys them and they're sister companies but no such luck. oh and I figured out how to use the 20% off coupon online ~sneaky!!