Need help finding a wallet!

  1. I am in need for a new wallet and so far I haven't found what I like yet. I hope that someone here will guide me to the right one. ;) I want a wallet that can hold a lot of credit cards and coin compartment is a must. I'm looking for something around $200 ish. Please help!
  2. Someone posted a gorgeous Jimmy Choo wallet up here a few days ago, but I am afraid I can't remember who or what the thread was called, but worth a hunt as it was lovely. I also like the LV Epi large wallet in black and actually the black Mulberry Emmy purse (Brit speak for wallet) caught my eye the other day in Liberty. Maybe we need to know a bit more though about your preferences and style and then others will come flooding on the thread with suggestions!
  3. p.s. just noticed the thread entitled "What to buy. [Woman Wallet]" which has loads of scrummy photos to help the lovely man who began the thread - if I were you, I'd toddle over there!