need help finding a topaz stam

  1. hey! i'm new to tpf but not new to MJ. however i'm finding a HARD time finding the topaz stam.. i'm jealous of anyoen who got it 450$!!! does anyoen know of any reliable retailors online that have it or any Saks/NM stores in the tristate (NY/NJ specifically) area??


  2. Have you tried calling a MJ boutique?
  3. I think those sold out a long time ago. When I was calling around a couple weeks ago, I only heard of 1 left at that time. Try calling one of the dept stores and have an SA check national stock for the bag, maybe she can track one down if there are any left.

  4. thanks, i did this AM & my SA said she'd check the national stock for me.. i'll keep you all posted!
  5. ^please do! i would LOVE to have a topaz stam for my upcoming bday:tup:
  6. reg or baby?
    baby topaz at NM san francisco.
  7. I thought I got lucky this AM when my Saks SA Called saying there was a topaz stam in the boston store but when I called there the SA said it was damaged pretty badly and they were going to send it back to MJ :sad:

    I'm so upset!
  8. ^so sorry!

    there's still hope! i'll keep my eyes open for you... i just bought a muse unexpectedly, so no more stams for me for quite awhile!

    there are a few topaz stams on eBay right now that look good... but i believe they're priced 900-1000.

    i'm sending good vibes your way:tup:
  9. ^ thanks so much! i'm still keeping my eyes peeled:smile:
  10. Call Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria in Virginia. I saw a blue Stam last week but I don't know if it was Topaz. Good luck! :smile:
  11. I am looking for a stam bag as long as it is good deal, I am ok with color!! Can any one please help me? It is always in my list...but wait for a good deal.:graucho: