need help finding a shade of MAC gloss

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  1. HI gals. I know very little about MAC cosmetics. But, I've been looking for a particular shade of lipgloss and a friend of mine has one she wears that is so similar to what I'm hunting for. (I'm tired of buying the wrong shade and then not knowing what to do w/them!)

    I finally just asked her what she wore and she said MAC, that it was a tube and the color was Flight of Fancy. I've looked but can't find it. Does this mean it's discontinued? Any help knowing where to find it would be appreciated. Or...if you're familiar w/mac and they have a shade that's similar but named different (kind of like OPI products do?) you can give me that.
  2. i can't help you out with similar colors but i think flight of fancy was from a limited edition colleciton in '05 or '06 but you should be able to find it on ebay if you don't have an version to buying cosmetics on ebay :smile:

    but you should stop by a mac counter im' sure they'd be more than hay to help u :tup:
  3. I've been gone since I first posted. Thanks so much you two...and I'll likely buy off ebay...that doesn't bother me. (esp. since it'd be pretty darn hard to use a gloss and replace it w/a diff. brand! MOre trouble than worth!)