Need Help Finding a "Pop Color" TIA!

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  1. I currently have a '06 Black City, and just bought (haven't received it yet) the Bowling in Truffle..ON SALE!!! I'm looking for a "Pop Color". I'm Blonde, 5'9 and am thinking about a Part Time. I wear alot of Red, Pink and Black. I am guessing that maybe the Violet or the new Yellow would work well. What do you veterans think? Thanks and have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend.:yes:
  2. Yes, I agree...the new violet, marigold or LE magenta would suit. Also Apple Green or Vert Gazon...Here's my Vert Gazon Clutch, that found it's way back to me xo
  3. VG Clutch

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  4. Me? no not a Veteran since I just got my 1st bbag couple months ago but I love color bags...

    I only have 1 black bag, the LV Suhali L' ingeneux doctor bag..

    Everytime I tell my self I need a blassic black leather bag, I go straight for the pop color!!!

    I consider my marine GH city a conservative classic bag I can carry everywhere and anywhere despite some opinions on the GH being to bling bling..

    I'm waiting for my Marigold GH city!!!
    If you are looking for a POP color, please join me and be my bag twin!! :graucho::graucho:

    My neutral classic bag for fall will be the steel... Still not black.. LOL

    Did I say I love color bags?
  5. I think the violet or aqua would be really pretty with your wardrobe.
  6. I think the VG is a great pop color and goes with a lot.
  7. I would say that vert gazon or french blue would be great for a pop of color.
  8. french blue or marigold!!