Need help finding a nickel-free watch!

  1. I'm severely allergic to nickel, which is in most costume jewelery, and many watches, when I wear anything with nickel I get a gross, oozy rash. I've tried putting nailpolish on my watches (cheap ones), wearing band-aids under it (which bother me), and putting tape on the watch, but none of these really work. I really want to get a nice watch, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding one that's cute and nickel-free.

    I went to Coach, intending to get one of their watches, and I was told that the back of the face is nickel, but the rest is stainless steel:crybaby:!! So if anyone can help me find a watch that is totally nickel-free and reasonably priced (preferably under $300, but I'm open to more expensive ones), that would be wonderful!.
  2. Hmmm...well, I know that the watch faces I use in my own watches are stainless steal - I can do some research on the rest of the face to see what it's made out of.

    The other alternative is a sterling silver watch face - which I can also get - are you allergic to sterling silver?

    I can't imagine that there isn't some sort of non-nickel watch out there. Very odd.

    Here's one of my latest - a very different design for me. :smile:
  3. swiss army have all stainless. make sure you check the watch back and strap for the stainless steel words. i have the nickel allergy and have a swiss army and breitling (both stainless) and don't have problems with them. hth
  4. I have a severe nickel allergy too, so I know how you feel. I have been wearing a stainless steel Movado for the past 5 years and haven't had any problems with it.
  5. That's so cute! Nope, I'm just allergic to nickel.

    Thanks for the replies- I'd love a Movado (who actually manufacture the Coach watches!), but I don't think I can afford it :sad:. But I'll look into the Swiss Army watches.
  6. If you really would like a Movado, I think you can some on sale that fall within your price range. There are lots of online stores that sell them, but I'm not sure which ones are 100% authentic. I have also seen some at my local Costco. They also have company stores at the outlets listed below. Don't mean to sound like a Movado salesperson, but I am just very happy with my watch. :yahoo:

    Allen Premium Outlets - Allen, TX (Dallas area)
    Camarillo Premium Outlets - Camarillo, CA (Los Angeles area)
    Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets - Clinton, CT (Connecticut Shoreline)
    The Crossing Premium Outlets - Tannersville, PA (Pocono Mountains Area) Desert Hills Premium Outlets - Cabazon, CA (Palm Springs area)
    Gilroy Premium Outlets - Gilroy, CA (San Jose Area)
    Las Vegas Premium Outlets - Las Vegas, NV (North of the Strip)
    Lesburg Corner Premium Outlets - Leesburg, VA (Washington D.C. area) [​IMG]Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets - Michigan City, IN (Chicago area)
    North Georgie Premium Outlets - Dawsonville, GA (Atlanta area)
    Orlando Premium Outlets - Orlando, FL (Orlando area)
    Seattle Premium Outlets - Tulalip, WA (North of Seattle)
    St. Augustine Premium Outlets - St. Augustine, FL (Northeast Florida) Vacaville Premium Outlets - Vacaville, CA (Between San Francisco & Sacramento) [​IMG]
    Woodbury Common Premium Outlets - Central Valley, NY (NYC area)
    Wrentham Village Premium Outlets - Wrentham, MA (Boston area)
  7. Thanks, I'll go to the Woodbury Outlet when I go there for the Columbus Day sales (although its not really near NYC, its right by the NY/NJ border)! I would look online, but I'd probably end up with one that's not authentic, and also, I'd rather try it on and stuff 'cause I have small wrists and I need to make sure that it fits, lol.
  8. did you ever find a nickel-free watch? I have found that the steel watches made by SKAGEN of Denmark work great! I have a really strong allergy to nickel, but have worn my skagen watch every day for 4 years with NO reaction! Very reasonably priced - - about $120? Give them a try!
  9. So this was started forever ago but...

    Don't worry about it "fitting." It will always be large if you have small wrists. But you can take it to any watch or jewelry store and they will size it for you by taking out links. (Usually it's a nominal fee like $5/$10.)

    If you like the look of Movado, try ESQ. Cheaper and made by the same company as well.
  10. I have the same reaction (gross, isnt it!) so I buy either stainless steel or titanium watches for that reason. I like Fossil's watches. I also have a swatch that has a stainless back.
  11. My son has the same allergy. I researched last Christmas and found that Fossil watches are nickel free.
  12. Sterling silver watches can help alot if you are having allergy to nickel.
  13. I have the same nickel allergy. I can't even wear sterling braclets, watches or earrings as they usually contain some nickel. The only place I've found truly nickel-free watches and watchbands is at the Whispers web site. They also have replacement earring backs, claw clasps and even nickel-free sterling silver. I buy high K gold earrings, but replace lost backs with thse from Whispers.
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  15. I am also violently allergic to nickel, as well as gold. Which is a double whammy.

    Personally I have always purchased Fossil's because I can get stainless and titanium.