Need help finding a Juicy hoodie!

  1. I've been looking everywhere and I can't find this hoodie :sad:...

    It's a Juicy Couture velour LONG hoodie-- I'm looking for it in black, size L or XL and I'll pay full retail. Net-a-porter has it, but only in smaller sizes. They do have it in my size in Frenzy, but I already have that one. This style is different than the dolman hoodie (which has puffier sleeves) and the tunic hoodie, which is longer. I think it's from a couple seasons ago, which is why they're hard to find now.


    This is the one I really want, but if you know of anywhere that has a Juicy black velour hoodie in XL on sale I'd still be interested. I don't want a track jacket though, because they're too short on me.

    TIA!!!!!! :heart:
  2. ^ Thanks, Pink! :tup:
    I might order the Silver Lining one too, because I've seen the matching pants on sale in my size!

    Just as a side note: their model must be pretty short, because the long hoodie looks soooooooooo long on her. They're really not that different from the regular ones IRL... Just enough that it won't ride up and you don't have to worry your back is going to show if you bend over, KWIM? They are seriously the best thing ever! Juicy should make them in every color!!!