Need help finding a Gucci...

  1. I saw a purple patent leather tote at my home Gucci boutique last year, but didn't think of getting it at the time. Weeks later, it was gone (end of the end of season sale). I've tried searching for it in several places (including factory outlets in the US which I figured would carry older seasons' bags) but haven't found it yet. eBay didn't turn up anything either.

    So I need help. I'm not even sure what the bag is called. I searched everything from "patent leather", "horsebit", "guccissima" but nothing turned up. If you know of anyway that still carries it, pray tell!

    (I used eBay pics cos I couldn't find any elsewhere to demonstrate what I mean)

    (this is the exact material of the bag, except that it was in purple)

    and this is the rough shape it was in..

    I really fell in love with this bag.. and it's driving me crazy not having been able to find it!