Need Help Finding a GST!!

  1. I've been eyeing the GST since this past January and it took some time but I'm finally convinced that its the bag I want. At first, I thought it was too classic and I was looking for an edgier Chanel bag, so I purchased an east-west black modern chain tote. I love that bag, but feel like i also need a "classic" chanel bag, complete with the CC logo, the quilted leather, and a gold chain.
    Because of the insane price increases this past year, it's not possible for me to buy the bag brand new. That, and also this will be my last handbag purchase before I move back home to Canada so I am still trying to save up money to make the transition back home. I also find that the GST is very boxy brand new and would actually prefer it more "broken in". It seems more comfortable to carry once its been broken in (Heidi from The Hills wears it very well, but i hate her!)....
    Anyways, i am looking on eBay but the prices are still pretty steep, so I'll keep checking back any case, i'd like to broaden my search by finding alternate ways to find the bag used...
    Thanks gals!
  2. I edited your title. . . . if you need more info as to why, PM me:yes:
  3. authentic consignment stores (online or real stores) only please...thanks!