Need help finding a Glamlock please!

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  1. Hi all! New to the Valentino Forum😊 I was wondering if any of you could help me find a Mint Glamlock in size Small. I tried on the Mini size before and way too small for my taste.

    If anyone has a SA that has this, can you please PM me their info.

    Thank you😘
  2. Hi Matchesfashion has it. I just got mine in Mint Small Size. The price is good too. =)

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  3. I am actually debating on getting the mint colour myself..I've seen it in the small size, but haven't seen it in mini. Can I ask where you saw it?
  4. in the web of Valentino, they have a lot of models and colours.
  5. I seen one listed on Ebay today , its a Mini size in Mint:loveeyes: