Need help finding a gift for cousin so she finally will get how great Coach is!

  1. Okay so it was my cousin's birthday and I had planned to get her something from Coach.
    Yesterday she tells me how she doesn't get Coach and doesn't own any and thinks signature is retarded. :tdown:

    So NOW i feel like I must find her the perfect little Coach item so I can get her to finally like Coach.

    Is this stupid? I mean will finding her a really great Coach piece help her like Coach? It just drives me CRAZY that she think it's STUPID. :sad:

    What should I get her from Coach?
    I was thinking about giving her a wristlet. I mean can anyone really hate a wristlet? Ugh family can be so weird sometimes lol.

    I SO NEED HELP! :confused1:
  2. What's your price range??
  3. There's not really a price point I guess. I plan on going to the outlet for the sale so i hope to find some good deals.

    So I am open to giving her anything. I guess I'm hoping to get more general responses (like wristlet, wallet, key chain, etc).
  4. I think either a wristlet or a mini skinny would be appreciated. They are pretty versatile, and both have lots of uses. If she doesn't like signature, you can definitely find leather ones at an outlet!
  5. Probably a wristlet.. they had some cute leather ones there last time I was there. Although, I do think that even though people like "us" can't understand it, everyone has there one opinions and it may truly be a waste if she just genuinely doesn't like coach.. to each his own I guess.. but I don't get it!! :wtf:
  6. I would go for a wristlet or a pouch. If she doesn't like sig, then maybe she would appreciate quality leather?? Hopefully you do find the perfect gift to convert her! :smile:
  7. I'd recommend a leather wristlet or mini-skinny... How about a legacy wristlet?
  8. a wristlet...
  9. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like a gift should be something the recipient should like. If she doesn't "get" Coach, it's likely she won't particularly appreciate the gift, unless Coach happens to make something she specifically needs or wants... You might want to take her hint and skip on the Coach for her....

    I really do think it is sweet that you want to share your Coach habit with her. :smile:

  10. Amen to that!:yes: It was exactly what I was going to say.

    Do not buy her Coach to try to "woo" her into liking it. Get her something she's actually going to use. Not everyone is into purses and accessories. But it's your gift and decision on how you give it to her.

    However IF you do decide to get her something from Coach, DO NOT get anything in signature. Just buy something in all leather.
  11. I would get her a cute keychain that she wouldn't know is coach at first and then tell her it's coach. She just may need to work up to wristlets and purses. She may just need to get use to having coach before you can show her the quality of coach. Of course, this depends on whether or not she would use the keychain and appreciate it before she knows it's a coach. I honestly don't understand how anyone can think that about coach:shrugs:!
  12. I bought a friend (teenager) who "doesn't carry a purse" the key fob from the outlett with the 5 little purses as a joke. Now that she is in to purses she jokes that I bought her first Coach bag.
  13. Oh for sure giving gifts is about what the recipient would like! She definitely is into purses and stuff. But she would never spend money on them to get Coach or other designer quality. She doesn't have anything that is designer.

    Is it possible she just says she hates Coach because she can't buy any? That's why I thought if I got her something maybe she would like it. :smile: I swear my intentions are good lol. But you are right I don't want to impose myself on her.

    I guess it all comes down to the fact that I don't really understand how you can hate a brand with out having ever tried it. :confused1:

    Does this make any sense to anyone or am I just crazy and trying to make her like something she never will?
  14. ^^^People have their own tastes. It's possible for people not to like a brand and never try it. There are plenty of people on this site who haven't tried certain brands and are absolutely sure that they don't like that brand. I can name about 3 for myself alone.
  15. That was my first thought when I read your post. Getting her something small may solve that question quickly! Either she'll love it and embrace the Coach, or she won't. Maybe stay away from anything that screams Coach (like signature)? A wristlet seems like a good first piece since she can use it alone or in another bag.