Need Help Finding a Blake

  1. I'm trying to find a Blake with the nickel hardware?

    The only local store I have that sells them is Nordies and they're all gold hardware. I can't even find the Blake on Eluxury or Net-a-Porter.

    Does anyone know if this combination is still being produced and where I might find one?

  2. your best bet would probably be an MJ boutique. You should give them a call and see if they can track down a bag w/ nickel in their warehouse.
  3. Marc Jacobs is not currently producing handbags with silver hardware. You might be able to find one at NR, NMLC, or Off 5th. The other option is eBay. Is there a specific color you are looking for?
  4. Nickel hardware has not been made for a couple of years, but eBay sometimes has real ones with nickel. Also, as others mentioned, nickel hardware can sometimes turn up in outlet stores. Good luck on your quest! I share your love of this hardware.
  5. Yup, recent spottings at the outlets include kelly green and berry blakes with nickel hardware, specifically at NR.

    Other than that, eBay or the MJ boutique would be your next option if you're looking for a specific color.
  6. Neimans SF had some black bags with the nickel hardware. I for sure saw a small multi pocket, but i think there was a blake too...not 100% sure. It would be worth it to give them a call!
  7. I got mine at Macy's if that helps.
  8. I want a color. I really want a red one. The various red colors have been great looking. I'm open to the green and teal colors.