Need help finding a bag

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  1. I've been wanting a blue bag for a bit now and I came across a pic of SC in Bleu Canard and Blue Ocean- I know these colors are from a few years back and my only chance of acquiring is buying a pre loved one. Can anyone help point me to a reputable online seller? I've checked out Yoogis and both have been sold but not sure how ago. Thanks!
  2. Have you checked Ann's Fabulous Finds and Fashionphile? You can also check eBay. Good luck!
  3. I did but I guess they don't come up for sale often.
  4. All the usual resale sites, which are discussed on many threads. Have you been stalking them? Some reseller sites (like Fashionphile) also allow you to set a notification if it does come in, have you done that?
  5. Oh, if only I could lay my hands on SC PM in Blue Ocean! I missed that colour as well. They're very hard to find, but they do pop up occassionally, so all I can tell you is you need to keep checking EBay and all major consignment stores and be patient. Good luck and hop you find your blue SC!