Need help finding a bag

  1. So after much consideration and reading other threads I decided that I really want to get the Legacy Leather Pouch in black (style # 40214) for a going out bag when I dont want to carry around all my normal junk. Well, with Macy's F&F coming up and I have a giftcard there, I REALLY want to get it there, b/c i cant really afford it otherwise. So, my Macy's doesnt have it and its not listed online, but I called Macy's and they said some stores still might have it, but they cant search for it b/c I dont have the UPC#. So, if anyone happens to be going to a Macy's anytime before May 6th (when the sale ends for me), my store said I could have it shipped to me or transferred to my store, let me know. All I really need is the store's phone number or at least the location and I could look up the number. If you really want to be awesome, you could put it on hold under Kimberly so no one would get it before i called. Thank you guys so much. I love it here!!!