Need Help Finding A Bag

  1. Hey ladies! I need help finding a bag. I want a satchel that can stand on its own, has a zipper closure on top, and soft leather. I've looked :search: and can't find anything. Any ideas on a bag that fits this description? Thanks!
  2. What about a Marc Jacobs Venetia or Blake? They come in a ton of gorgeous colors and are really roomy!

    Here's the Venetia:

    And here's a pic of the Blake:
  3. price range? color preferance? if i can't do my homework and try to help now, because i might be going to a friends house for dinner, i will subscribe to this post and help you when i get home FOR SURE :yes: i love the bag hunt!
  4. Not too expensive, under the $1000 mark and a nice tan or brown leather bag would be nice. Thanks for all your help!