Need help finding a bag - mini lindsay??

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  1. When the full-size lindsay came out in retail stores, was there also a smaller sized bag that looked similar to it? I like how the lindsay looks, but it is way too big for me. I vaguely remember a mini looking lindsay. Am I out of my mind? Anyone have pics or know the style number? TIA!
  2. The Mini Shopper is 12919. I'll post a pic of mine in a minute.
  3. Ahhh!!! I can't wait to see your pics. Is it too much to also ask for modeling pics? I'm trying to gauge the size of this bag. Thanks!
  4. Here are the two I have...

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  5. Okay what I will do is take a pic next to the Lindsay... That will give you a pretty good idea of the size. Give me another minute :smile:)
  6. If you don't mind a few questions, I have a ton! Which colors are these? Do you know all the colors it came in? Is this bag comfortable on the shoulder?
  7. Does this help? Can't do a modeling pics .... In PJ's and look like crap LOL

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  8. Maybe others can weigh in. The only colors I have found are espresso and mineral. They are too small to carry over the shoulder. The drop is 5.5 inches. The bag is 10 (L) x 7 (H) x 5(D). Close to the small sabrina.
  9. I know what you mean about the PJ's. These comparison pics are a big help. The mini shopper looks like it will be more manageable for me. When I tried on the full-sized one at the outlet, it looked like I was trying to tuck a suitcase under my arm! One last question and then I'm set, what colors did this bag come in? Thanks!
  10. I am not 100% positive about all the colors.. Need others to weigh in. I have only found the Mineral and Espresso which are the 2 I have pictured.

  11. Awwwww Mama and baby. I have mama. Didn't see baby in the outlets.
  12. That mini Lindsay is so cute!
  13. My outlet had the mini in mimeral, but it was atleast 2 months ago and I just didn't have the funds. I would have purchased it even though it's quite small compared to what I normally carry, but I would have found a way to make it work. I think there is one listed on right now (not my listing.) It maybe gone already, I think it was the espresso but can't be sure!!!

    Good luck finding one, I know the Chicago Premium outlets had TON's of the full size Lindsay's about a month ago!!!
  14. I love how cute the mini is!

    I think you could find them on ebay also - I saw one the other night (NOT my auction - I've never owned a small bag! LOL!)
  15. I have the mini in espresso, and I love it. When I went to the FP store one day with it, the SAs were full of compliments on the bag as if it was the first time they've seen that style. The full size is just too gigantic for me. The mini is not too small, and it's big enough to fit all my daily essentials. It was the only one that I saw at my outlet back in Jan. I've seen a handful on the bay. Hope you find one. You'll love it.