Need help find the rick owen bomber jacket

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  1. I have been searching like crazy for the Rick Owens Black Bomber style jacket with the large zippers on the back of the arm. Unfortunately no luck! I am looking for a size 40. Please let me know if you've seen it! Thanks so much!!!!
  2. Noone has seen it? I'm sure I'm too late in the season. Is this a style that they have every Fall/Winter? Maybe I can waitlist for it then.....
  3. Luisaviaroma just had some not too long ago in dark grey for pre-order, but they sold out, so honestly I would keep checking there and with NAP. Also, Barneys Las Vegas gets them, and I check in there every once in a while. If I see one I'll let you know right away.
  4. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it....I preordered the Funnel Neck Biker Jacket in the Taupe (Bronze) from Luisaviaroma. I just got it Monday it is TDF. What a beautiful rich color. Hopefully customs/duties are no more than 15%. That's the first time I've ordered from them. Thanks again!

  5. Do you know what was the name of the colour on the website - I can not seem to see this colour on lvr. Thanks.
  6. On the Rick Owens tag it says Bronze, I believe they called it Taupe on LVR. They no longer have it. It must have sold out in the last couple of days..... You can keep checking back though because they except returns, you never know! Good Luck!

  7. Thanks. Went for grey - let's hope I like the colour irl, when it arrives. Beautiful jacket imho.
  8. The Grey looks Beautiful also! Congrats I'm sure you'll love it!! Let us know when you get it. I'm still searching for my Black Bomber with no luck. I think I'll have to wait for Fall 09....I was hoping to find it for Valentines Day:sad:
  9. They have it on NAP, but only size 46 left.
  10. Yeah! I need a size 40 unfortunately.....Thanks though!!
  11. Hi, maybe you can give me advise. Now I can choose to buy between taupe (bronze) and grey - I can not decide. Is taupe neutral enough to go with all colours? I just want to make sure I get a good wear out of it - I wear a lot of blacks and greys, so grey/dust looks like an obvious choice, but somehow I drawn to taupe. Opinions are are appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hmmm i'm going to vote for grey.. but i'm biased because i wear lots of grey's and blacks and not a lot of browns..
  13. could you girls post pix of your RO jackets on here---im deciding right now too on colors either black, grey or the metallics :smile: