NEED HELP : fill me in with Birkin Touch’s information.

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  1. Tha
    thank you
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  2. Is the hardware Permabrass or really Rose Gold?
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  3. Great question! Sometimes SAs mix that up. Permabrass would be beautiful too.
    @Bagsshoesaddict, I think the black will be even better than the green. Good luck!
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  4. It sounds amazing especially with rose gold hardware! I vote Yes as well! :smile:
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  5. I also vote Yes! It sounds beautiful and in Noir, you can never go wrong. Sometimes combining beautiful things doesn't work (like croco and chevre should be left on its own and not combined) but after the photo that you posted, I think it will be an amazing bag.
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  6. Oh cool! Thanks so much for the information! I really like this style!

    Wow it is still gorgeous! I think you should totally get the bag!!
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  7. Same thinking here @periogirl28 @Amka @dharma. Let me just make sure tomorrow. But actually the day i was offered I asked 3x to her "Rosegold hardware?". And she reply "Yes, Rosegold mam". Do you think H will make new release of bag with RGHW after accesorries? Have no idea. But as @dharma said above, eventhough in permabras i think it will still gorg.
  8. They are actively making Constances with Rose Gold Hardware so I don't think finding it on an exotic Birkin is too much of a stretch. Sounds like a gorgeous bag!
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  9. In all black, these variations of skins should be astonishing and elegant. I would take it.
  10. Forgot to mention I mean in Other bag than Constance.
  11. Thank you. I will a make call tomorrow.
  12. Thank u. I think I should just go for it.
  13. Thank you. And plus one again for the bag.
  14. Now you have me curious - did you go for the bag? If so, would love to see a pic, it sounds very interesting!
  15. i have been offered the gold option its beautiful very interesting my only issue is i never wear barking closed and the beauty of the bag to me is its closed position. therefore i shall pass how ever it is very nice.