NEED HELP : fill me in with Birkin Touch’s information.

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  1. Dear all hermes expertise, I’ve been offered by my local store SA, a birkin touch. I never seen a Birkin Touch Before and I need all the information about this beauty before I decided to take it or (sadly) pass it.

    Here’s the spec: Birkin touch size 30 Black. Flap, handle and the two strap ahead is in croc and the body is in mysore leather. The hardware is Rosegold hardware.

    Thank you for your information and if possible a photo will be so much helpful.
  2. Not my style
    Full croco or all exotics leathers or nothing
    Premium price but elegance and satisfaction only half
  3. What is a Birkin Touch?
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  4. I think it’s pretty cool, but it’s a very personal preference!
  5. In another colour
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  6. Ohh so it's an exotic leather body but with regular leather (I'm assuming barenia?) handles? Looks pretty cool! OP go for it! Seems like they're pretty rare but the specs you were offered sound gorgeous!
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  7. Black with rosegold combo is gorgeous combination... but with croc just at the handles, flap and sangles..( basically just the handles and sangles visible if u wear the bag open).. i assume it’s higher priced than regular mysore birkin..i dunno, is it worth paying more for taste of croc??
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  8. It doesn’t sound like the OP has been offered one with a croc body, but those images are what show up when you do a google search for the Birkin touch.

    I think the Birkin touch is just a B that combines exotic and non-exotic leathers in different styles. Sometimes it might be the body of the bag in croc, in others it’s just the handles and sangles :smile:
  9. Love the rose gold hardware! I’d say go for it.
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  10. interesting, I like it
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  11. These bags are interesting and different. I’ve seen some pictures posted on here before. Do you know what colors the bag is? Let us know what you think when you see it. Congrats on the offer!
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  12. This bag sounds gorgeous and subtle, please share a pic if you take it home.
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  13. Dear All, @dharma @xiaoxiao @lisawhit @Rhl2987 @MsHermesAU @bagidiotic @Fab41 @Yoshi1296 thank you for your reply and opinion. Yes, it is basically a bag with two different leather. What I am offered is body with chevre mysore leather and only the flap, strap and handle are in exotic croc. Here is a sample pic of birkin touch in Vert Fonce.

    Yes, indeed @Yoshi1296 its price higher than regular birkin leather. It is consider as special order bag.

    I am still consodering it. But once I decide and say yes to the bag, surely I will post the pic. (BUT it might take 6 months to arrive here from Paris).
  14. T
    the color is Noir or Black.
  15. I vote YES
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