Need help filing a claim with paypal :(

  1. So I go to the resolution center...Then is it the one with "item was significantly different"? or is there somewhere else for fake eBay items?
  2. Sorry it came to this, but yes you go to the resolution centre, click on open claim and reason is 'significantly not as described' i.e. it was sold as authentic but turned out to be a fake. Hope that helps.
  3. thank you, well she wants me to go to a MJ store and get a stamped letter saying it's fake. No way. I have better things to do with my time
  4. I moved from PayPal to eBay in December, and back in December if you filed with PayPal for not as described you would need to fax paypal proof that the bag is fake from an unbiased third party (such as a store that sells real bags) and then once you fax that to them they will tell you to return the bag and then you will get your refund, but I think they just changed their rules and they don't require that and will just tell you to return the item back and then you will get a refund. Just make sure that you send it to the address PayPal gives you and that you get tracking when you do! Good luck!