NEED HELP! Filed a SNAD but merchandise need to return to merchant with proof

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  1. Hi all,

    I really need help here.

    I bought a Chanel caviar jumbo in August, item was received and I thought everything was okay with the bag especially the dots in the bag shown in the pictures. I thought it was just some kind of damage. I didnt know it was "FUNGUS" until I brought the bag to Chanel boutique to find out 3 weeks ago. Chanel confirmed it is some kind of white fungus and the leather cannot be treated. There is no way to remove or clean up and they can't do anything about it. The fungus will spread overtime and it will slowly eat up the leather. I consulted the leather specialist and they said the same thing to me.

    I wrote to the seller immediately and asked for a refund. The seller said she'll find out more info at Chanel Bloomingdales, and needed pictures of the bag's condition to show the SA, that she'll check with the leather specialists but can fit into her busy schedule etc after several email communication. I didnt realised that she was trying to delay my time so she could avoid the deadline for filing a case by me in eBay which is 20/Sept! I am so stupid :cursing: for not knowing or realising the deadline until today :sad:. She does not respond to my email anymore right after her last email on 14/Sept.

    I have paid USD2300 for the bag and every now and then, I have to take the bag out to clean the fungus (growing white patchy stuff) and not able to use it :sad:. Basically, i'm just storing the bag away.

    What should I do now? Can eBay still help me to file a case againts this seller? Can anybody please help me here :sad:

  2. If you paid by a credit card, contact your ceredit card company.. you may still have a window of opportunity to open a dispute
  3. Call eBay immediately! If that doesn't work then how about opening a case thru Paypal?
  4. If you can't get your money back try these solutions:
    "Prepare a solution with 10 ml of soda bicarb ( baking soda) in 50 ml of milk. Dip a clean piece of cloth in this mixture and rub the leather article. Clean thoroughly and then polish it with a soft cloth soaked in lavender oil. The fungus will disappear and the leather will start gleaming again."

    Lavender Oil is a natural anti-fungal so that should take care of it.

    I also saw a product called Em Clean mentioned on a few different websites.
  5. Ugh, that's so disgusting. I hope you left negative feedback.
  6. OP is out of time with paypal now.

    If you paid with CC OP, I'd contact them ASAP
  7. Still file with paypal, I once filed out of time and paypal sent us both an email saying i couldnt start a case because of the time limit. However it was still noted in both out accounts. (The seller was not happy). Anyway, I disputed the transaction thorugh my CC and did get a refund in the end.
  8. If you can't get your money back through your cc, call Judge Judy!
  9. I would contact PP first, just in case. Also, I would contact your credit card company about this to see whether or not you are covered. I am sorry to hear that this happened to your bag that you purchased.
  10. How long after you received the bag did you email the seller asking for a refund? Has the fungus worsened in the past few months that you have had it?
  11. The "fungus" is clearly shown in the seller's pics. I do not think this warrants a negative. Try to work out a return & refund.


  12. This is my big fear when buying used bags on eBay. The seller only said she was not sure how the spots got there... she didn't know (?) it was fungus... she pointed out the spots after all. The pictures makes it look like some kind of damage. Try and get her to do a return.
  13. I do hope you can get a refund from your CC or PP, but there must be SOME WAY to remove leather "fungus" - is it like mold or what?? What about checking the care threads here? Have you searched that for possible solutions?(in event of worse case scenario that you don't get your money back, that is)
  14. I would disagree with this. The seller describes them as "dots" and says that the bag is in "excellent condition." IMO, something with irremovable fungus that will eventually eat the whole bag is not "excellent condition." The seller also seems uninterested in offering a return, as she's no longer responding to the OP's e-mails.

    OP - if you used a credit card through PP, contact your CC company and file a chargeback.
  15. I would have inquired about those "spots" kuz (a) they don't look like spots but more like indentations and (b) seller called them spots and claimed to have no idea how they got there. That's big red flag, if you ask me. Anyway...

    Since it's been more than the 45 days PP allows for a SNAD claim, all you can do is what the others said--contact your cc company to dispute the charge...IF you used a cc to pay. (I hope you did!)